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Refections of weekend, past.

What the hell was I thinking? Ok, putting up my phone number was crazy enough. But then I gotta go and link my wish list that includes my full name and address.

I should of just posted instructions on how to make a pipe bomb, and a map to my house.

That said, it's been long over due since I did something brave. Posting my phone number was that brave thing.

Bill is not brave.

Genghis Jon is. Remember that.

So in regards to the phone calls, er....most of them were bashful, teenage girls saying things like "Oh my Gwad, I can't believe I'm doing this! (*giggle*) Happy Birthday Genghis! (*giggle*) Bye! (*giggle*)"

When I put up the number I was hoping for some drunken 3AM phone calls. Much to my surprise, much less dismay, I received not a one.

I blame myself. In regards to conducting oneself soberly, I've been a horrible influence. Please except my most heartfelt, and know that I'm doing my best to make that all up for you now.


Yesterday I thanked all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday. Today being a new day brings a time to punish those who have not. A "friend" of mine that I've known for years has chosen to completely neglect the celebration that is my birthday. He's written to me on said day asking for favors of all things. And even went so far as to call me on the phone the next day, berate me for blocking the phone line with my internet use, THEN he goes on to chastise me about not saying hi to his wife while at Dunkin Donuts. I know this enrages all of you as much as me. If so, please do Uncle Genghis a favor and write him an email telling him what a jerk he is. (Tell him Genghis sent you.) I know I've been asking a lot of you guys as of late, but this really is for a good cause. Together we can punish the whole world. One person at a time.


The night of my birthday I went to see my friend's band play a reunion gig. Actually a bunch of bands were reuniting that night. All hardcore bands from the 80's, that are now grey-haired and fat singing songs about "Street Wars!" But that deserves it's own entry, so I'll hold off on that.


And the absolute tops of the weekend was hanging out with Diaryland's own Kristin and Jenn.

I'm not going to get into what happened because it definately deserves it's own entry, but I will say this. These ladies are so cool, I saw Gweneth Pawtrow stick her head out her limo and take notes. No lie!


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