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Remember When I Use To Do Entries Like This All The Time?

"the simple fact of the matter is that you're a bully and nobody wants to be embarassed or abused by you or your readers. i have to admit, i didn't want to write a note exposing myself to that sort of public ridicule either. but if you need it explained to you by someone who signs their name then here goes: a personal attack is not a political attack. and vice versa. you can insult me or anyone else about their name but it doesn't amount to a cohesive argument. kevin was only stating his opinion about the war. you put in a NEW website wherein people were supposed to debate politics and express themselves. and the minute someone does you roast them for it. that is just bullshit. you don't want political debate, you want people to kiss your ass. so there it is. you may commence to firing away."

This was left in my guestbook by Kim, who used to be found here but has since moved to a locked diary.

Kim use to be a fan of my writing, vulgarity and all, up until the time when she learned that my politics don't necessarily agree with hers.

About the time she learned that I was capable of using my cynicism against the extreme left causes she holds so dear was approximately the time I became a "bully" and "wanted people to kiss my ass" while only days before the same old Jon was profoundly hysterical.

I have no idea how to handle someone like this. She wants to somehow make me out to be a monster asshole (not that I'm not!) for teasing A Boy Named Bra during my reply to his comments.

I suppose I was expected to somehow ignore the obvious joke (his name being Bra) And while gingerly dancing around the name, I should have addressed it with reverence!

"I say, Sir Bra!" "Good point, Bra!" "I disagree with you there, Bra."

You gotta believe me when I tell you that she'd be rooting me the hell on if I said the same thing to an ultra-right, Jerry Falwell loving conservative. In her narrow, broom closet of a mind she believes that would be OK.

I conduct the debates without the vulgarity.

The result of which can, and should cause people to go absolutely batshit over each other. Anyone ever watch two distinguised politicians from either side of the isle talk about issues on Fox News or whatever? On most cases they resort to becoming absolute assholes to each other, it's a beautiful thing!

And that's how nature intended it, people. We bitch at each other, we poke fun, but at the end of the day calm your fucking hormones, you deserve it for all your misgivings.

As for Kim, well, she swore me off months ago.

The fact that she revealed herself as remaining a loyal reader of mine is more validation then I could ever wish for. Smooches


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