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Reunion Blues

My cousin got married over the summer out of the country. She figured that it would save her a lot of money not paying for every distant relative who she'll never see again to have a free meal.
A few months later she wised up and realised all the free gifts she got beat out of not having a real wedding, so she threw a wedding party this past weekend.
The place was loaded with people I haven't seen in years. Literaly there were people there that I haven't seen since we played kickball together.
Like this Greek kid, Aris. I walk up to him, the stereotypical guy that I am and say "Holy shit, how you doin' you Greek piece of shit! What are you up to these days, running a Pizza place?"
"Yeah, actually I am."
I also saw this guy I was best friends with since kindergarten. We lost touch around high school. Up until then we were inseperatable. He introduced me to KISS when I was 8, and I introduced him to AC/DC. We use to fantasize about being in a band together. We were gonna call ourselves the Trash Cans. He was the singer, I was the lead guitarist. We actually both grew up to be bass players, what failures.
Anyways, you could imagine my disappointment to discover he had little else he wanted to talk about other than how great George Bush is.
Republicans don't bother me. Really. Lord knows I've voted for enough of them. But don't fucking tel me how great George Bush is, because dear old friend or not, I'm gonna' open my mouth.
"Thank God Bush is gonna' win this election again. I just wished this country appreciated him more. He's the best president."
"Um, ya know Fred. We're in a war that happened for reasons other than what they were explained to us for, the economy is terrible, the world hates us....I'm sorry but I'd be curious to know what exactly your standards are for being a great president besides being a Republican?"
He did the usual when a conservative gets asked this question. Deny. The ends justify the means in the war, the economy couldn't be better, and who gives a fuck if the world hates us. What a hero.
He then spent an enormous amount of time on something I didn't even ask him about. Going on and on about how Kerry would do this and do that. It was pathetic.
I'm smart enough to know nothing I was gonna' say will convert him, so I tried to change the subject, asking about his wife.
"My wife? Fine. And another thing about Kerry...."
I swear this guy was cool once upon a time. Some people just stumble upon Rush Limbaugh on the radio and find meaning to their lives repeating the rhetoric to all who will listen.
To these special few I don't even show the respect of ending a converstaion. I just walked away mid sentence.
No bye. No see ya later. Just left him there to finish his speech to nobody.
I also saw my cousin who I haven't seen since he was about 7, maybe 12 years ago. It's not my fault, we live maybe 7 miles from each other, How could we find the time?
Anyways, his sister was the one getting married. He has two older sisters that just trample him, the poor kid. I couldn't imagine what that must be like being the only and youngest boy.
Anyways, his sisters kept pulling me aside asking me to help him. They said he's depressed and needs serious, serious help.
They made it up like the kid is fruit loops.
I asked what his problem was, and they said he's depressed. I said be specific, they said he doesn't relate to people. Like who? Their friends.
Ten minutes before I hung out with the kid and he seemed fine. We talked about computers and what careers are out there for it.
I explained to his sisters that their friends are jock assholes and he can't relate to them. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with him.
They looked at me as if I was from Mars, suggesting that he wasn't the problem, but their overbearingness was.
They were even talking about getting the kid on medication and all that. I told them if you want to do something send the kid to college. Once he's there he'll meet all sorts of kids like him. Meet a girl realy into computers like he is. Just lay off the guy.
All in all it was a good time. On my way out I gave Fred the finger to which he laughed. It's nice I at least saw a glimpse of the kid I use to know.


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