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You can talk smack about me all you want.....Just lay off Johnny Cash!


And surprise. surprise....I was a little hard to swallow for them.

I didn't really fall off the scale (80 out of 100I expected MUCH worse...)

But let's just say they're not dubbing me 'The Golden Diary' as I would've liked.

Hmmmm, looking over my diary I'm baffled as to what's not to like?

Let's see what our pro-reviewer had to say...

"Hate the pictures of the guy flipping the readers off. Not exactly inviting."


-Johnny works as my gargole. People who see him and are offended usually turn away in about one second before reading anything. Saving me numerous hours of replying to your stupid emails on how you think I can improve on manners.

And if you ever refer to Johnny Cash again as some "guy" I swear.....I will not be held responsible for what I will do, so help me God!!!!

And check this mighty observation she had on my Diaryland rant.....

"Very, uh, interesting story on how Diaryland is Un-American. Is this parody?"

-No, monkeygirl. It's serious. REAL serious. As if you couldn't tell, it's all news and business here on my site. No sarcasm, no funny stuff.....this just isn't the place for that kind of behavior!!!

Hey, why is it that I everytime I write ANYTHING sarcastic in my diary, I end up having to explain it to everybody for a week.

You'd think I fucking INVENTED sarcasm!!!!!

Even today....I just hooked my computer up at home, right?

Plugged it in, turned it on and someone tracks me on the AIM and starts bitching at me about the time I was making fun of Andrew when he was asking for money for Diaryland.

Mind you, this was a teenage girl. Not some 80 year old grandma that just got back from Bingo.

A teenage girl....yelling at me because of this weird new humor I use called sarcasm.


And the reviewer even had the nerve to claim I use "Lots of foul language"

That's horseshit!!!!!!

Anyways, an 80 is a high mark.

If she didn't gimme' a high mark, I wouldn't of said anything because it woulda' looked like sour grapes.

The fact is, to have someone review your diary is stupid.

"But Genghis, why did you have yours done?"

To show you first hand how dumb it is.

Here is a person, that obviously doesn't have the same interests, humor, or plain old funk that I do....and she's gonna' be the judge of me.

Fuck no, she's not the judge of me.

You're the judge of me!! My readers.

My readers that stop by everyday and know who the fuck Johnny Cash is, doesn't shutter when they hear the S--- word, and knows what sarcasm is.

When someone, anyone, drops me a line and tells me I made them laugh, then I know I have a good diary.

The more people I hear from, the better!

I mean, I just read her diary and almost fell into a fucking coma.

I get more entertainment out of making toast.

So it fair for me to call her diary shit?

Absolutely not.

It's a matter of opinion in most cases.

I mean, some diaries we all agree are better than others.

But most aren't for everyone, and cannot be judged by using a single formula.

Also,her Dland name is "Witch Medic"

No doubt that she's one of those new age women that gets a few Wicca books and dark eyliner and fancys themself a witch.

She offered this tidbit of info, no doubt out of spite for my hatred of all things stupid...

"And someone please tell him that witches were hanged, not burned, in Salem"

- Ok, they actually did the burning in Europe, but to be acurate (and it sure looks like you are!) there was one that got burned in Salem by the name of Giles Corey.

But that's not important, what is important is why aren't we burning them now?

So, to cap up on all this...

Reviewing people is dumb.

The person who reviewed me is dumb...

I have the flu and am doped up on Nyquil...

Smoking while you have the flu is really dumb......gotta go!

-Evil Genghis.

BTW, I read in her little bio there, that "In her free time she likes to re-enact Vietnam (She "plays" a combat photographer)"

Re-enacts Vietnam??????

What kind of loonies are they getting to review me?



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