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Rush Limbaugh: Conservative Radio Host/Drug Addict

I usually don't find things such as people going to rehab funny. OK, a little funny, but not as funny as that big fat idiot Rush Limbaugh going to rehab.

I don't care if you're a fan of this guy or not. You gotta find it a little funny knowing that right this second El Rushbo is sitting on a couch next to a guy that sucked dick in public bathrooms for heroin money, and a crackwhore who forgets where she left her baby when she went shopping.

But enough about Robert Downey and Cortney Love. They're actors, we expect that of them. Rush Limbaugh on the other hand addicted to synthetic heroin is just something that's got to make his diehard redneck listeners scratch their itty-bitty heads and wonder just how many times Captain Conservative was doped up on drugs while preaching about morality.

It's just too funny. I picture him at an NA meeting wearing sweatpants, and saying things like"Hi, I'm Rush and I'm an addict".

God, wouldn't it be great if someone got a video of that an posted it on the internet?

I bet it'd be even more embarrassing than this one.(*WARNING* PUT YOUR DANCING SHOES ON BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK)


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