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I can't shut up...

I know I promised not to talk about politics anymore, but I realized I'm only hutring you when I don't. I mean, how else are you gonna' learn? CNN? Please... CNN is my bitch.

First off, one of the major reasons why I am no longer a democrat is because they are hypocrites. The party that claims to be champions of free speech are endlessly trying to permit opposing sides from speaking their minds.

I mean, do you see any young republicans crashing a Ralph Nader rally trying to shut him up? No. Not that republicans are warriors of justice, but at least they allow you to speak your mind in a free country.

The same people pulling this shit, are the same people who bought those "Censorship is Un-American" T-Shirts from MTV back in the 90's. (I believe those went on sale the same month they banned Madonna's 'Justify my Love' video. Seriously.)

The problem with the world is everybody wants to be on a fucking team. My how cosy life is when you're blanketed by friends. They don't want to hear what the other side has to say, mainly because what keeps the team unified is the blind hatred they have for the opposition. If people on one side are looking at the other with an open mind it weakens the team. Worse case senerio is that people might agree on a few issues, and give them credibility which. Something partisans won't accept. A classic example is how John McCain is all but ostracized from his own (republican) party because he DARES not to support everthing his pary tells him to.

The republicans play that game briliantly. They have everyone in their party convinced that liberals are morons. They're even successful at turning the word "liberal" into an insult. I can't tell you how many "proud conservatives" there are in the republican party. How many democrats in office consider themselves "proud liberals"? The brave handful are few and far between.

Being an independant thinker opens you up for truckloads of shit from all sides. Case in point, during the election I was a hero amongst the "intellecual" college crowd. I could totally see the appeal to obediently follow the pack. The acceptance and comradery was enjoyable. Probably a simular feeling to what a new kid in town feels when asked to join the Neo-Nazis after being friendless for awhile. Not that I was ever friendless, but if I don't call 'em like I see 'em, I can't sleep at night. Anyways, all these guys were proud of me. They'd always corner me outside with some new Dubya' scandle that they wanted to hear my take on. That ended quickly sometime after Sept 11th when the liberal sheep cornered me outside asking me how awful Dubya was handling the war. Their argument was that he was too stupid to handle a nation in crisis. I told them that as of yet he hasn't shown that.

"Huh?" they replied, open mouthed.

He gave a good state of the union, he's been reminding the country endlessly that retaliation against American Arabs and/or Muslims will not be tolerated, and has gone out of his way to say that democrat or republican, this is a time to put our pety differences aside and unite as Americans. Something many republican statemen, including his father, would probably never say. Now, maybe tomorrow he'll want to take a month off of work, or mispronounce "strategically", but for what he's done thusfar, he should be commended.

They looked at me like I had two heads. They said in not so many words "you can't occasionally agree with the enemy! it's aginst the rules! You have to attack him no matter what!" One of them got so redfaced I almost made him cry. Can you imagine? A grown man at the verge of tears because I don't want to play the role of sheep in the flock. Fucking pathetic.

Good thing I have the self-esteem not to need a group's acceptence to be OK with myself. I tell you, you have to be tough to be independent. If you're a republican you can always join their club of (usually) greedy, intollerant dipshits. Or you can always join the democrat club (sometimes) filled with hypocritical, not-knowing-what-they're-fighting-against fruitcakes. But being me, where you look at both sides and say you're right, you're wrong, or you're wrong, you're right, you'd better be thicked skinned pal. I get heat from all sides, and they both pull the same tricks. Whether it's attempting to discredit me, or just calling me silly names, the bottom line is that they are threatened when someone disagrees with them. They get defensive because they feel a need to defend what they're doing. I don't. I know I'm right.

I was speaking to some lefty once (who was out protesting Dubya's visit to Yale) and asked him why he didn't just go in an listen to the man. He said he didn't need to, he hears everything he needs to hear about him from the news. I asked if he always trust third patry sources? He flat out said yes. Simple minds, for simple times, people. He then asked me if I'd go see Hitler if he was speaking. I told him that I'd be in the front row. I'll be in the front row deciding what I think of him by his own words, and not quotes and sound bites. The guy spent the rest of our conversation calling me a Nazi Sympathizer. And why? Because I told him I'd prefer to get my info from the source as opposed to throwing my trust behind the media. This was a Yale student, folks! Fucking squid brain.

Anyways, there have been remarks here and there about my political views in different forums. I'd just like to remind the said few, that you're all my bitches! Hear me? call your mom and tell her she needs to refer to you as "Genghis Jon's Bitch" from now on, because that's what you are!

Oh, and Kofi Annan called. He wanted me to remind the rest of you who DO agree with me, that you're my bitch as well.

Those were Kofi's words, not mine.

Anybody that knows Kofi, knows he's one crazy sonofabitch!



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