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Bye, Bye, Bye....

I just spoke with one of my roommates. She was complaining about our third roommate, Sean.

Seems like Sean ain't making the grade, sort of speak.

He's NOT cleaning up after himself. He just moved out of his girlfriend's place before shacking up with us. He's one of those guys that went from his mom's house to his girlfriend's house.

Now that he doesn't have a female taking care of him, he doesn't know what to do.

After making a complete mess of the kitchen, he's accustomed to it just being cleaned up the very next hour.

It's not computing with the poor guy how whole idea of having a clean house works.

He also hates the dog, Pitu.

Granted, the dog is a fucking mental case...but c'mon!

You have to be a major asshole to get mad at a dog that's happy to see you when you come home.

So we're gonna' throw his dog hating ass out.

We can't take his stupid ass anymore. The guy is so dependant on having a girlfriend it's pathetic.

He hooked up with someone the day after moving out of his girl he was seeing for 5 years.

The new girl dumped his sorry ass, and he's now in a panic.

You should see him. The last couple of days he's been on the phone, trying to get back together with BOTH girls, and rapping with new ones as well.

In between that, he's laying on the couch in a pathetic depression, wondering who's gonna' take care of him.

Fucking spoiled brat.

I can't wait to say "FUCK YOU, YOU'RE FIRED! GET THE FUCK OUT!!!"



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