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The 2001 Sex Olymics will be held at my house.

Last night i got home, and my roommate Sean had this girl over. Not his girlfriend, mind you. Just a girl.

Lemme tell you about this girl...

There's not a single purpose for this chic on the planet Earth other than to fuck. She came over to the house last night, to watch the ball game with Sean, and she was dressed like she was going to Studio 54.

*Miniskirt about 3 inches long (Check!)

*"Fuck me" shoes (Check!)

*Three bottles of hairspair in her hair (Check!)

*Smelled like she soaked in a bath of $2 perfume for a week (Check!)

How we can live in a society where we can allow these sort of people to walk around amongst the rest of us is baffling.

How could the human race possibly benefit from these types of people?

It is like her parents sent her to Fuck School as a child, and she's been studying the art of lying on her back her whole life!

For shame!

She has absolutely nothing to talk about either. I'm telling you....this girl is sin incarnate. I bet if I threw holy water on her, she'd melt.

So anyways, Sean took it apon himself to invite her into his bedroom around 10:00 pm for some activities.

Mind you, he left his door cracked open, and his room is about three feet from mine.

Maybe some how he thought I might enjoy listening in on the Sexual Olympics? I don't know, all I know is that I never felt so embarressed being in my own home.

They were screaming, and moaning, and banging....

I almost called the fucking paramedics.

He couldn't even wait for me to go to sleep! What the fuck was he thinking????

He's buying a house, so he'l be out in a little while.

Good riddance to bad rubbage is what I say.

Oh, and you should of seen this other girl he brought over!

Holy Fuck!

He met this girl at a club and brought her over the house. This girl was the same type as the olympian I just mentioned. Leather pants, shoe string for a top....

Except this girl clearly wasn't a grad from Fuck School. She just wanted every one in the club to THINK she was just to get their attention. Once she gets it, she turns into Ms Morality. Me and my other roommate Cheryl got to meet her. She clearly felt uncomfortable, dressed like a $2 French whore that just got off the set of a Kid Rock video. While Cheryl and I look like we just got back from drinking chocolate milk with the kids from Sunday school.

She had the nerve to say "I usually don't dress like's just for the clubs, you know?"

No I don't know. Girls, please. Sluts dress like they do because they are sluts. Good girls emulating them is so fucking wrong I can't put it into words.

So after me and Cheryl doing our best to make little Ms. Chastity feel uncomfortable, Sean comes and pulls her away from us before we can make her cry.

Just another day at home.


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