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Everybody, just shut up!

Well, it's war time again folks. That can only mean one thing- Come to Genghis Jon's website and take your frustrations out on him.

He'll argue with you no matter what you believe. Guaranteed.

Case in point, a lot of you are thinking I'm gung-ho, pistols on the side, pro-war.

Not true.

For example, on Super Bowl Sunday I spent the day with my uncle and his pack of "NRA all the way" Republican friends. I took on about a dozen of these guys on why we should NOT be going to war.

Granted I'm an easy target for someone looking for confrontation. I mean, if someone were to get all serious about stating a case for gravity, I'd probably put up a pretty good fight against it.

You might think this makes me a hypocrite, or just someone that loves to argue. Fair enough- but I think of myself more as someone who doesn't tollerate stupidity.

You'll find stupid people on both sides of this war issue. And not to say that everybody that opposes, or supports the war is an idiot. I can stand either if they're being logical and showing some openmindness. But when someone against the war states "AGH! WE CAN'T GO TO WAR BECAUSE 10 TRILLION PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!! AND WE'LL UPSET FRANCE!!!! AND WE'RE NOT A FREE COUNTRY!!!! AND THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!" Or someone supporting the war states "WE NOT ONLY SHOULD NUKE IRAQ. WE SHOULD NUKE IRAN, NORTH KOREA, FRANCE, THE BAHAMAS, SWITZERLAND, AND ANTARTICA!! THEN WE NEED TO TAKE DOWN THOSE CANDYASSES ON RUSHMORE, AND PUT UP DUBYA'S FACE, JUST TO SHOW THE WORLD WHO THEY'RE FUCKING WITH!!!!" you kinda' want to position yourself as far away from them as humanily possible.

I mean, what's really the worst that can happen? Saddam will be gone, that's something we can all agree on. The lives of the Iraqi people will improve a billion fold. Not only that, but the war will make our economy even worse, which could give you liberals a chance at knocking out Bush in 2004, so keep your fingers crossed.

And just think of the cool TV coverage we'll have during the duration of this 4 hour war. I'm a big fan of "Breaking News!"

So just everybody cool out, okay?


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