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Slammer Hunks

Hey ladies, want to meet a special guy? By "special" I mean rotting away behind bars for the next zillion years.

If you're idea of a real man is someone doing 10 to life then I urge you to visit a little gem I found on the web that hosts personnel ads for inmates.

It's been absolutely impossible for me to update since I've discovered this website. I've read every ad at least twice.

My favorites are the ones that list their interests as things you might find difficult while being incarcerated.

I mean really, when someone in their situation lists their hobbies as "going to the movies" you have reason to believe that they're less then forthcoming with you.

Another favorite I have are the ones that talk about what a sensative, caring person they are only to scroll to the bottom of the page and read how they killed 20 people.


But nothing tops the irony list in my eyes more than serving a 25 years to life sentence with the last name Freeman

What a cruel fate, eh?

"Hey Free-man! Get back in your cell!"

So naturally in line with my death wish wish I seem to have I sent letters out to a bunch of these guys that I'll post once they start coming in.

Some of the letters I pretend I'm some hot chick, others I interview, and others I'm just a straight asshole.

So there, stop complaining that I haven't updated because it's not true. I'm just busy sending antagonizing letters with my home address to hardened criminals.

But I'll be back to report on my Montreal trip I took this weekend.

Pictures and all, I had a great time.

God, I miss crepes...


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