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What's Snow Funny?

I am sitting here on the 7th of April, 18 solid days into spring, and dead smack in the middle of yet another snow storm.

12" this time folks.

That's nothing new for the girls I date, but for everyone else 12" is a considerable amount.

You should see how pissed off people are around here. The weatherman on TV last night spent some time talking about the death threats he's been getting when he reports that a storm is coming.

I don't agree with that behavior, but I totally understand it. This snow is maddening I tell you. I really want to take it out on someone, and the local weatherman seems as good a canadate as any.

And in unrelated news I want to express my deepest sympathies to Uncle Bob who's suffering from a nasty case of sunburn.

What I wouldn't give for a nice sunburn. I want a sunburn all over. I even want a red heinie.

Hey, wait....


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