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Where ya' going?

Check out where I'm going in two weeks...

Montreal rules!

Me and Aska are going up for three day of platonic fun. Wha-Hoo!!


So at the Christmas patry today we had our first ever Santa.

We had a Santa this year because it's the first year we had an obese person employed at our company.

He sits next to me, and confided with me that he really doesn't want to do this. He's well aware that the only reason he's been asked is because he's overweight.

But tis' the season to make fun of fat people. The guy is the saddest Santa you've ever seen. While he's lazily handing out presents from the secret santa thingy, people are vying for position to have their picture taken with him, or give him a peck on the cheek.

The guy looks like he's gonna blow at any second.

Someone even brought in their little girl to see santa. The girl is scared shit less of him. I even heard her say "That's not the real Santa."

When everything was all said and done, and the Santa costume has been put away, some ugly lady that when she laughs-cackles like a drunken chicken came over and said "Oh, Santa....I want to sit on your lap. Go put your costume back on!" He needn't reply by the look he gave her, but said "No, Santa went home."

"Well I want him back. Go put the costume back on so I can have my picture taken on your lap. My husband would die when he sees it."

"Dammit lady, I'm not your fucking zoo animal!"

You tell 'em Santa!


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