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Review on Spider-Man

I want everybody to take a moment from what they are doing and say a silent "thank you" to my beloved Twiggle, who so graciously defeted the terrorists who broke into my account, and changed my template.

I'm really grateful for that. God bless you Twiggle

Anyways, I've got business to go over with you all here.

Spidey-business, that is.

I want to write a little review on the hit movie Spider-Man.

I think I'm pretty qualified to do so, seeing that I've seen the danm movie twice, withing four days of it's release.

First off, I had an issue with believing that Spider-Man was a true story. I really don't buy that crap for a second.

Second, I want to point out that Spider-Man in the comics looks pretty cool. On screen, he looks a little.....I don't know how to say!

I just found his outfit just a liiiiiittle too tight. I found his costume just a liiiiiittle too colorful. There was one scene when he was running from the Green Gobbler (..or whatever) and he just looks like such a tart. I mean, Batman was dark and stuff. But Spidey mind as well as called himself Gay-Man.

Anyways, the worst part of the whole thing was the ending. Spider-Man gets raped and murdered by a gang of thugs.

I thought that was totally inappropriate for the kids to see their hero bent over a rail, pants pulled down, having a group of nasty street thugs have their way with Spider-Man's behind over and over again. I swear, the scene went on for almost 30 minutes. Yuck, and it was very graphic too.

Anyways, other than the fact that they lied about it being a true story, Spider-Man's homo-erotic outfit, and the anal rape at the end, it wasn't a bad movie.


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