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Stupid, stupid, stupid.

My company is retarded. Seriously.

First off, after the Sept 11th attack my company felt that our little publishing company somehow would be the new target of Al Qaeda. With that in mind, they put into effect a new door system. I swaer, the fucking thing must of cost them a million American dollars. Basicly, the employee entrance in the back is now locked. The only way to enter is with a space-age device (Basicly, a magnet covered in plastic) that you put on your keychain. Wave it in front of a small device located next to the door, a voila! The door magicly opens! HA! It's just like working for the FBI. And this way, if someone with a bomb wanted in, they'd be in for a BIG surprise when they tried to pull the door handle. HA! It's locked! They would have nothing left to do 'cept walk away in defeat.

That is unless they decided to try the front door which, of coarse, is wide open.

People did question their concept, of having the back door turned into Ft Knox, while the front to is left to the will of God.

The answer that was given to us was "..the front door doesn't need a security system because it is constantly monitored.."

Yeah, it's monitored all right. By a 56 year old, slacker lady, that spends more time in the break room than the coffee pots do. I could be wrong, but I fail to see how she would protect me from a half/crazed suicide bomber on a jihad mission.

Maybe I'll go get a turban and a duffle bag and do a test run. See what happens.


Another thing that's pissing me off is these screwball ladies walking around the building for exercise. It started out with one lady who drinks plain, hot water all day long. Now they got a full mob of them, walking around in circles like a pack of muts. All that's missing is for one of them to stop at a fire hydrant, and lift their leg.

I know, I know. You're thinking Jonny is just rotten. But seriously. I sit next to a window and see the same ladies walk past it, over. And over. And over again.

And they're NOT losing weight anyways. I mean, they walk around in circles a few time, then share a pizza for lunch. Sure, they mock us smokers, but if they really wanted to shed some pounds they'd come over and join us.


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