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GJ steals the show.

First off, vote for me you bastards.


Crub! Know what? I forgot to write about my brother's wedding. We just got back the videos of the event, and thought I should share some of it with you.

Picture this. You just got married to the man/woman of your dreams. A short span of maybe four weeks have past from one of the most memorial events of your entire life. Still in a daze from the love you feel for each other. You share tender moments on the sofa that you got from Rent-a-Center, confessing to one another your eagerness for the wedding videos to arrive. How much fun it will be to relive that day, words cannot describe.

Then one day, you receive a UPS package. You tear into it in excitment. It's the video you've been waiting all these weeks for. You call in your husband/wife and rush to the VCR. You settle in next to your love one on the Rent-a-Center sofa. Holding hands, you both smile widely as the movie begins. You can't wait to see the ceremony, the dinner, the dancing, the drinking! All the fun of the glorious day to be relived. The video starts with a piano melody of "I love you just the way you are" by Billy Joel (The official wedding song) The opening visual is a close up of the bride and groom kissing tenderly. The bride mouths "I love you" after said kiss.

"Aaaaah" says the wife as she watches. "this has to be the most beautiful film ever."

"Not as beautiful as you." remarks the hubby.

Then. Something goes amiss. No, there are no technical problems with the TV or VCR. Nothing wrong with the production either. As a matter of fact, all couldn't be better. But at that very moment something goes wrong. VERY wrong.

Genghis F-ing Jon enters the picture. And from that moment on, is the focus of the movie.

When the opening kissing/shitty Billy Joel song ends, the viewer is greeted by the "best man" and younger brother of the groom. His face is right up in the camera. His big, mad toothy grin gives you the impression that he just escaped the local mental ward. Trying to contain the ammusment that he is inflicting upon himself, he says "JAY! DON'T DO IT MAN! IT'S NOT TOO LATE, I CAN DRIVE YOU TO MEXICO! GET IN MY GEO, DUDE. HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE!!!!!!"


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