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Happy Birthday Syd!

How do you know when it's time to go back to church?

Well, the bible describes the signs of the apocalypse as...

1)The coming of the false messiah.


3)And a tribute album to Phil Collins by various hip hop artists.


People keep asking me what I do for a living. Fine, I'll tell you.

I work for The Dick Corporation.


Becca's coming back to Connecticut from Montana to visit me for a week in Febuary.

I hate when shit like this happens. I start to think of myself as He-Man, but with magical powers.

Here's an example: I was outside smoking yesterday when someone was complaining about the weather. My responce to this was to raise my hand to the sky as if I were comanding the clouds to disperse.

When I failed to change the weather to a beautiful 87 degree day, I began smiting the clouds above, and threatening them aloud with my wrath.

I need therapy.


Speaking of which, I got another marriage proposal from some teenage girl in my guestbook.

You know, I kinda understand the draw these little chickens have to, say, boybands. But seriously, I'm just a dude with a diary. Is there anybody these girls don't wanna' marry?

Have they no shame?

I fucking hope I never have a daughter.


I want to offer a challenge.

Scanzilla's Evil Robot Army VS Genghis Jon's Even EVILER Teenage Girl Army.


Yesterday was Syd Barrett's birthday.

Syd was my favorite growing up. His music just clicked with me somehow.

Here's what he looks like now.

Growing old is nothing to look forward to, is it?

At least he's not wearing sweatpants, and sandles with socks like my dad.

I don't think I could take that.


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