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Taliban Hunt 2001

Ok, so as I've predicted, America is under Taliban fever.

Especially after one of our own was caught fighting along side the evil force.

His name, is John Walker.

John Walker could have been your neighbor, friend, lover, poolboy, anything!

He walked amongst you.....a filthy Taliban in the making!!!

To make sure this never happens again, I spent the weekend consulting with the FBI and CIA to get a list of other known "Western Taliban" members walking amongst us.

-The first is Rob Zombie.

Sure he looks like a harmless Oak Ridge Boy, but the FBI don't lie. This fool is a Taliban.

-Next are The Oak Ridge Boys.

Three of these guys have got the "inconspicuous" thing going down pretty well. But I think you can pick out the one that's got Al Qadea written all over him.

-Our next target is the Late George Harrison.

Also known as "The quiet Beatle." I guess that had a better ring to it than "The Taliban Beatle." I know this may piss a lot of you off, but don't get mad at me! I'm just passing along info from the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC, BB King, and Doris Day.

And here's a picture of a good American that thinks the Taliban stinks!



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