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Genghis Jon Reflects on Thanksgiving

Behold the funniest thing Genghis Jon has read in his life!

That said, I am completely convinced it's plagiary from Diaryland's own Gawain.

(It's a damn shame he removed the pictures. Basically there were stuff like retarded kids, and short buses, with a middle eastern background.)


How was everyone's Thanksgiving?

Anybody gives thanks?

Anybody thankful?

Didn't think so. Me either.

Has anyone stopped and thought about holidays mean nothing to anyone anymore?

Minor holidays you take the day off from work and get drunk. Major holidays you take the day off from work, gather with your family and get drunk.

Is this anyone's idea of celebrating Holy-days?

I'm thinking there was a time when things like memorial day took on such a special meaning that it couldn't possibly be expected of an employee to work on that day. I guess people use to sit at home, or gather with loved ones and memorialize.

How ironic is it that most people spend that day getting drunk and forgetting?

I've been thinking about this a lot and thought maybe we need to conserve the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Before we began eating, I said to everybody "Guys, can I make an announcement? Hey, I know it's kinda' out of character for me to get sentimental and all, but with the crazy times we're living in I was wondering if everyone could join me in saying grace, just to take a moment and say thanks. Thanks for putting food on our table, thanks for our health, and most importantly, thanks for each other."

People stood stone faced for a moment.

They were all deep in thought. I was imagining that they were saying to themselves "You know, he's right."

They all stepped closer together, as if to make a circle, when all of a sudden they all burst out laughing!

"No we're not gonna' say grace, you dumb fuck!" Shouted someone.

"What a weenie!" Exclaimed another.

"What a cocksucker!" I can testify that in 29 years I've never heard my grandmother use such language.

Eric Estrada stuck his head in the door and said......

The dog came over and bit me in the nuts.

My mom said something like "You wanna' be thankful about something? Be thankful I don't slap you like the little bitch you are. Now go change into that skirt and fucking come out already!"

That fam. What am I gonna' do with them?

But besides all that, it really was a nice time with the family. I just wish I brought that shotgun.

Gun's have an unusual effect on getting people to pray.


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