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Tgenghis Tjon

First, this diary would not be possible without this big beautiful man.

I was ready to fold this diary, or at least let go of my gold membership so that when I updated you'd be welcomed by the most unsightliest of websites you’d ever hope to come across.
I didn’t have the money and even if I did I didn’t really want to spend it here. I got a glue addiction to support.
Anyways, paid good money for this shit so I figure I’ll get writing, I feel that I owe it to him. Hey, now that I know my writing is valuable on a monetry level to some, maybe I’ll start my own membership version? Like The Genghis Gold Club, or The Golden Mongolians. For $39.50 a month you can get more Genghis Jon than most state laws allow!
So what do you guys think about the Tsalami thing that happened in Asia?
Don’t you hate it when someone asks you a question like that? Somebody asked me that the other day “Hey Jon, what do you think of the Tsunami?”
“Um, I’m against it?”
What the fuck am I suppose to say? What a stupid question, I should have kicked the shit out of that guy for asking me such a retarded question.
I think since we just went through an election year everyone is so use to phrasing questions like they’re fucking trying to get your political stance on everything.
“What do you think of abortion, gun control, stem cells, gay marriage….” You heard that shit all year long, each following with a long, drawn out speech on why Bush or Kerry is an asshole.
I’m fucking waiting for someone to say if Kerry got elected we’d never have the Tsunami.
Wait! I’ll say it!!
Folks, if John Kerry got elected president of these United States we’d a’ never had no Tsunami.
OK, I just wanted to be the first to say that before Michael Moore did.
Someone came up to me the other day and asked if I knew a Bruce Cartier.
“Yeah, he’s my father.”
The woman looked shocked when I said that, she then asked if he lived in Newington.
“He use to, why?”
She went on to tell me the story of a cop that got killed in Newington by a guy named Bruce Cartier, same name as dad.
So I called the old guy up and made sure he didn’t kill anybody.
“No, but I’m getting calls from the media all over the place. Even though it was reported that the other Bruce killed himself, these genius reporters still take the time to try to give him a call”.
Weird. On a side note I just want to say that the officer that got shot was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time. Sadly he was shot with an assault riffle five times that ripped through the vest like nothing and killed the man. I find this amazing that a cop gets killed by an M-16 and the media is too busy trying to get a dead guy on the phone then make a stink that 3 months after George Bush refusal to extend the ban an assault weapons, a fucking cop wearing a bullet proof vest gets killed by an M-16.
That’s enough of my preaching. Isn’t it funny how I start making fun of people for talking politics and then I do it myself? How weird am I? I can’t believe Uncle Bob pays for this shit….


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