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Twiggle is so dope, they should sell her by the kilo!

I'm so in love with Twiggle right now, I do believe I got an ass-whoppin' coming to me from her husband.

But shit, I can't help it!

Look at what a wonderful f'ing job she did, to my f'ing site!

For the first time in many years of Diarylanying, my site doesn't look like a complete piece of diary-shit.

I'll love her til the day I die!

Geesh, I'm so excited I feel like humping somebody's leg. (note to self: Wait until you leave work to hump someone's leg.)

The best part about all this, is that I think I'll FINALLY be accepted into the Diaryland social circle.

I mean, it isn't the biggest secret in the world that I've been shunned from D-Land society. I think most of that is just jealousy due to my great, GREAT looks, and untraditional spelling capability. But I fear a tad of the resentments had to due with the 6 Johnny Cashs' flipping the reader the bird.

But now....only one!


I think I hear D-Land Survivor calling and begging me to join. Wooo-hooo!


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