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The Two Faces of Genghis Jon

I'm so sick of this war garbage. I'm sick of watching it on the news, I'm sick of hearing people talk about it, and I'm damn sick of reading about it on Diaryland.

If there was any way possible for me to talk about something else, I would. I'm not one for ignoring the elephant in the living room, so mind as well join the reindeer games, eh.

Let me begin by giving a straight answer on where I stand on the issue.


Yes, you heard me correct. I'm against it. Let me explain.

First and formost is the whole United Nations business. You are either a member of it, and decide to abide by it's guidelines, whatever they may be, or you're not! What you DO NOT do is try to put something through, have it get voted down (or about to), and then go ahead with the plan anyways. Who does that? You can't fucking do that! That makes us look really, really bad. That's like making a bet, losing, and then deciding not to pay.

The second reason I'm against the war is because you have to respect the will of the international community. Even if they're wrong- if the whole world save for your own nation does not want you to bomb a country you DO NOT bomb the fucking country. I couldn't think of a bigger threat to our security then to piss off the entire world. Think about it.

The third reason I'm against the war is that it doesn't seem appropriate to do all this over one guy. I mean, the US made it clear that if Saddam fled, there'd be no war.

We have 600,000 troops in Iraq for 1 guy.

We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars for one guy.

Saddam's life isn't worth one of our soldier's life, but you can be sure there'll be more than that.

Saddam's life isn't worth one innocent Iraqi's life, but you can also be sure there will be more then that.

And finally, I don't know what George Bush's idea of terrorism is. He certainly makes it seem like the biggest evil satan has ever created. It's also our motivation behind everything we do lately.

I look at it like this. Sept 11th was terrorism. Al Qaeda killed 3,000 innocent people, but what they're really proud of was scaring the gravy out of millions, if not billions of people.

Watching our government perform their "shock and awe" trick that they seem to be so proud of makes me wonder how I couldn't compare it to what my understanding of "terrorism" is.

With all the pomp and circumstance that entailed, I couldn't help but think that the main purpose of this wasn't to actually destroy, but to terrorize. And not just the Iraqi army either. I could almost here old Bush saying "Hey North Korea, you paying attention to this? How about you Iran? Want some?"

I mean, this is my team pulling these stunts, and I can't help but be shaken up by it. It's scary shit seeing the efficiancy of how well we can kill each other these days.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you how..


The first thing I want to bring up is something that I haven't heard from either side.

Wether you were for war, or not. The one thing every single solitary member of the UN agreed on was that Saddam needed to disarm. Everybody was acting as if the US were asking for the moon. Just fucking disarm, man! It's not a hard thing to do! Why isn't anybody shouting how if he just disarmed, we wouldn't be in this mess? I honestly think that if the hippies from around the globe were screaming at him to disarm, instead of how much war and America suck, we may not even be having a war.

I'd also like to bring up that the inspectors wouldn't be doing any job unless there were a threat of war.

France, a nation with veto power that could kill any vote in the UN they danm well choose, made it clear that under no circumstance would they support a use of force to disarm Iraq. So Saddam knew from day 1 that the US had to choose between letting him get away with disarming, or go against the whole world doing so. He's a betting man and took a chance.

Another thing I want to bring up is that Saddam should have been removed from power 15 years ago. We don't need any new reasons, the old ones are fine. It should be common sense that if a leader gasses his own people he needs to be removed from power without delay, by any means necessary.

Nine out of ten protesters don't know what the hell they're talking about. Trust me on this, most of them just love parades.


What I'm doing my best to say here is that it doesn't seem logical on either issue. It's clear we can't share the world with this guy, and it's also clear that we just can't go against the will of the rest of the world and bomb the hell out of Iraq.

This is really should heve been taken care of 12 years ago. And to Bush Sr's credit, it's not his fault. After Saddam pulled his "Hey look, Kuwait is now Iraq!" trick- you don't leave the motherfucker in power. But the UN, and various middle eastern countries urged us to. That was a HUGE mistake, one that we all have to share. But there's no use crying over the past. We had our chance and we blew it. There's only two choices to make. A bad one and a worse one, and I hope to God we made the right one


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