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Let's CUT the Nonesense on Circumcision

I've gotten some issues and questions (ironically ALL from women) that need to be addressed in regards to yesterday's entry on circumcisions. I decided to answer them in a new entry as opposed to in the comments section because I wanted the chance to use the title up above. I'm pretty good at making titles for entries on's proud.

"The pervy Victorians invented routine circumcision as a cure for masturbation."
I know, and then they got in their time machine, hid behind a rock, posed as the voice of God and instructed Abraham to do it too. Blasted Victorians!!!

"No English-speaking country except the US does it"
So if the US stopped we could share the glory of such august places such as New Zealand? Hey, we invented rock n' roll, we're doing something right.

"All your friends' medical reasons have been disproved"
Aren't you suppose to give me a link or a pdf or something? Here, I have one. Now they're reproven.

"It's all about the locker room."

"Any pediatrician you talk to will tell you it's cultural"
And what's wrong with that? Cutting off a liitle piece of unnecessary skin for hygenic reasons does not turn you into the toxic avenger.

"And boys his age? 65�� Where's that statistic coming from?"

The National Center for Health Statistics states that the overall rate of neonatal circumcision was 64.3n 1979 and 65.3n 1999. BOOYA!!!!

" As far as the chewing gum thing, I don't know. I researched but found nothing."

Are you calling Tomato a liar?

(The following are from comments from another site that mirrors my MySpace blog)

I'd say a thing like that is up to you, since you're the baby's father."

I'd be happy with 1 ay, sadly all I'm reduced to bitching about it on the internet.

I would think that it would be beneficial to the little guy's self-esteem at an early age to have a penis that looks like his father's as well."

Alright, stop the tape. In 7 years of bloging I have never felt the need so much as to state clearly that I have no intention of having my baby, or any baby, see my penis. Wether seeing it would help his self-esteem or not, it ain't happening. Carry on.

Keep in mind that men can loose up to 65f the feeling on their penis from circumcisions"

OK, I'll keep that in mind if you keep in mind that there is real help out there for crack addiction and it's only a phone call away.

If a guy had 65ore feeling than what I have they would never stop masturbating and would need a circumcision anyways.

And as for circumcision being "normal" in America, in my experience with men, most have actually not been cropped"

Well thanks I guess for putting yourself out there in the name of research but I don't know if how many men Livie banged qualifies as a scientific poll.

...and they do seem to enjoy sexual experiences more intensely than men who I've been with who've sported the Jewish-look"

OK, Livie you need to start getting specific with me here. Just exactly how much more do they enjoy their sexual experience than my trimmed brethren. And that's a broad reference you're using, how much more enjoyable is it for an uncircumcised man to receive say a blowjob than a circumcized man? How about regular intercource? Doggy style. What about perform a Rusty Trombone or a Screwnicorn? What about a Tea Bag Livie, c'mon, how much more enjoyable is it for two uncircumcised men while preforming the ol' Siegfriend and Roy, or for three uncircumcised men during the Eifel Towel. Get out there Livie I need answers!!!


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