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My VP has a VD!

"Hello, tech support, this is Jon speaking."

- "Hi, i need you to help me, it's about my daughter."

"Did she buy some of our software?"
"No, let me finish. My daughter is out in California and she has been working for 15 days straight without a day off and I need to report that."
"Well I'd like to help you but we're just a publishing company. You need to contact a local government agency."
"Can you give me the number for that?"
"No, I don't have the number. You should be able to find it in the blue pages of your phone book."
"But I'm in Washington and she's in Califonia (Getting hysterical) CAN YOU PLEASE JUST HELP ME??? It's my daughter! Do you have a child? Do you know anyone that has children? Can you just please help me?"
"Ma'am....I'm sorry, what's the issue here?"
"My daughter has been working for fifteen days straight...they've made her work for 15 days straight without a day off and I need to report them."
"I'm sorry, but I can't help you. You need to contact the labor board in the city she works in."
"Can you give me that number?"
"No, ma'am, ask your daughter to get it in the blue pages of her phone book. I don't have the number."
"Can you transfer me to someone else there that can help me?"
"I'm afraid anyone I transfer you to is just going to tell you the same thing."
"Ma'am, I would help you if I could. If I had the number, or anyone here had the number I would get it for you. But what you're doing is like calling Starbucks looking to order a pizza."
"Can you just help me....PLEASE HELP ME!"
"Ma' one is dying here."
"I want you to know you will answer for this one day!"
"I'm sure I will ma'am."
"I hope you have a child one day and this happens to you!"
"Just calm down, all you have to do is call 411 and they'll get the number."
"You'll pay....(click)"

Viva Los Vice-Presidential Debates! What could be more exciting? Maybe a debate between the two perspective Secrataries of Agriculture. I mean, they're only 37 heartbeats from being president.
I'm not going to talk about the debates because if you saw it you don't give a shit, and if you didn't see it you don't give a shit. And if you do give a shit, you shouldn't give a shit.
I do want to point out one thing that isn't being reported too much despite the media going over the damned thing as if were the most important event in our lifetime.
When Halburton was brought up Big Dick said he didn't have time to explain how he's not a greedy motherfucker. He suggested we go to a website and read for ourselves. Where he wanted to direct you was
Sadly he directed you to here. As you may notice the site he sent you to is an anti Bush/Cheney website.
Those news sites that did report on this (so far I only found one) made the assumption that this was a mistake, but I'm not so sure. Maybe this is his way of telling us he wants to lose without actually saying it? I mean, if not then this was a HUGE blunder.
It would be like John Kerry saying during his debate "If you want to hear more about my plans to grow jobs, protect the economy, and protect our nation, go to"


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