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Life is wild, wacky stuff.

Talked to my main man Jonas Cord today on Yahoo IM. Haven't heard from him in awhile. He moved from Hartford to NYC about a year ago. Through some very of my famous investigatory work, I found this!

He's wrote one entry, and one entry only. Somebody write him and tell him to update. he's the shit, lemme' tell you...

I had to abruptly end our chat, due to the fact that all the phones and computers shut down, and my like started omitting toxic fumes.

I spent an hour walking around, sometimes joining in a group prayer to get sent home early. But as satan would will, everything's fixed (except my computer, it blew! I'm on a loaner now..) and I'm now back to work..

And in case anyone is interested, here's a list of things I'm sick of...


-News on anthrax.

-Special reports on anthrax.

-Random people talking about anthrax

-Tricking my roommates into opening the mail, to see if they get symptems of anthrax.

-Expert opinions on anthrax

-Non-expert opinions on anthrax.

-The band Anthrax on anthrax.

-The social/political group "People For The Liberty Of Anthrax, Forever!" or P.O.T.L.O.A.F.

-Emeril Lagasse giving recipes with anthrax.

-NBC trying to get a sitcom starring anthrax.

-People singing "Anthrax keeps fallin' on my head..."

-Newsmen trying to get a statement on George Harrison's death from anthrax.

-Fat free anthrax.

-Anthrax knocking on my door pretending to be a candy-gram.

-ABC changing their name to Anthrax Broadcasting Company.

I'm getting the feeling it's gonna' be an anthrax Christmas.

I also wanted to mention that it's December 3rd in Connecticut, and it's like 58 degrees outside.

I do believe that ain't right...



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