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What to do?

It appears I have a dilemma.

As I warned earlier, June 25th was my wedding date.

Normally it'd be a no-brainer on my first entry back from that to share photos and relive the event of when Libby Cook surrendered her last name to me and took my own as if I were her slavemaster.

I mean what else could even compete with that besides, oh, I don't know maybe a weird looking French soccer player headbutting some Italian dude in the chest at the World Cup!!

What to do? Naturally I want to write about my wedding, it was a fun time. There's a ton of pictures and a lot to write about, but for fuck's sake how many times do I get material like this fall into my lap? We all know I have an unspoken oath to seize every opportunity to make fun of the French forthright!

So I'm gonna' kick around (fun soccer pun!) what'll be next. While I do that I'll share a wedding joke my father told me on my wedding day.

Q- Why do brides wear white?

A- To match the oven, and the refrigerator, and the microwave...

Dad's divorced.


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