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Wiiiiiilllld turkeys, couldn't drag me away

I have my suspicions that the restaurant down the road from where I work sells wild turkeys on their menu.

Now I can't be positive at this point, hense the reason I haven't raided the joint and shut those fuckers down, but I'm almost sure.

Here's my evidence thus far.

Them birds is good eatin'.

Almost everyday there's turkey in some shape or form on their specials. Today for instance there's six specials offered, three of which feature turkey.

Just this past week they've offered turkey meatloaf, turkey chili, turkey burgers, turkey gumbo, tukey a la king, turkey lasagna, turkey tacos and turkey melt.

Again, that was just THIS WEEK! Now either they're just fucking gaga over the turkey, or they're getting on hell of a deal on the bird. I'm going with the latter.

Imagine if you owned a foodery where instead of placing an order through a costly vendor you simply get up early in the morning and grab a couple wild turkeys by the neck. Do you have any idea how profitable your establishment would be cutting out that overhead? FUCK-ME, why haven't I thought of this?

Plus the guy who cooks there look like this...


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