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The religious right takes on Genghis Jon

The last entry was a joke.

A joke.

It seems that a few people were offended by it.

Look, I'm really sorry that some people got offended by it. I really am. Unlike our Uncle Bob who'll just tell you to go screw if you're offended by him, I AM sorry some of you were taken aback by that humor.

Will I stop?



Because this is my diary.

Just like you write whatever you want in yours, I'm gonna' do the same in mine.

I know I hardly use such verbage. But when I get the urdge to let loose I wiil. Plain and simple.

Besides....It was a JOKE people!


Losen up for crying out loud! I wasn't making fun of criples for crissakes.....

Anyways, thanks for all the hate mail I've been getting. You'll be happy to know that I've taken it all personal and am sitting here with a gun in my mouth as I type this.

But, seriously, lighten up!!! C'mon....I wanna have fun here. Just understand it's all in good fun. I know I have no manners, sue me. I grew up in the hood and have a raunchy side to me. I try to hold it back, but damnnit, it keeps coming out!

Pfffff, tonight sucks.

I really am wishing I lived in a big city like a lot of you out there. I just hung out with a group of people that all went home at 10:00. I wish I could be content with that, but I'm too young to go home at 10:00 on a Saturday night. So, I'm gonna write some songs I guess.

Fuck, I'm sorry but I'm too put off right now to write a good entry.

I'll try to write about fucking bunny rabbits from now on.

Fucking fuck a' fuck!


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