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That's gratitude!

Check out this guy

Seriously. He's probably the most interesting writer on diaryland. I swear, I just wait on my computer until he updates. And take my word for it people. One thing I don't do too often is send my readers other places. I want you all to myself! I'm very jealous and protected of you, I am. But the fact of the matter is that this guy kicks my ass. I'm man enough to admit that. so if you wanna' hear from a guy that has a life. Or can at least make it seem like he does. Go NOW.

I'm warning you, I'm gonna talk about my crumby life right now.

OK, I gave you fair warning.

So, yeah. First I wanna' thank everybody for their concern. I got lots of really nice emails from the "Friends of Genghis Jon". Uncle Bob's army are shit compared to you.

Grandpa ain't doing so hot. His right side of his body is paralyzed. He's still unconscience, on life support and not making that much progress. He has it in his legal will, in no uncertain term to "UNPLUG HIM" if he's ever dependent on life support. Too bad the doctors don't read his will and make a decision from there. They have to get permission from the family. That means one his kids has to stand up and give PERMISSION to end their dad's life. Nobody can bring themselves to do that. How can they? I mean, he made it clear that that is what he wants, but at the end of the day it comes down to a son giving a doctor permission to end his father's life. I really hope I never have to do that. I hope none of you do either.

But anyways, I'm reminded again that life's too short to fuck around. You start off in life at point A and you finish at point B. In between you should kick some serious ass! We all take shit for granted. I once knew a blind guy that I got to be pretty good friends with. We formed a friendship after a while and I started getting really comfortable talking to him about anything. He never brought up his blindness though. One time I remember talking to him about all this crap that was going on in my life at the time (girl problems, if I remember correctly) over a game of chess. He got quiet after I kept going on about how my girlfriend doesn't respect me and how I want to leave her but I can't, and all that stuff. He let me finish and asked me "are these your problems?" I said "yeah" And he just sort of smiled. I said "what's so funny.?" He said to me "When I lost my eyesight (he was 12 when that happened) I thought God hated me. I thought he was ruining my life." I said "you don't think that anymore?" He said "No! I'm blessed! All I've wanted since I was 12 was my sight. If he gave that to me I'd take it for granted, and want everything else in my life to be perfect."

I felt 2 inches high.


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