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Wondering what the hell that is that I put in the title? Why, it's that rock sign you make with your hands at Metallica concerts. I'm glad to let all of you know that you now can use that sign not only at metallica concerts, but anywhere you have keyboard-dependent conversations. Here, let me give you a little example...

(The following example is taken place on an IM communicator)

*sexymulletguy- Hey Toby, I got tickets to the Bloody Fetus show

*69_in_my_trailer- Holy shit PJ, are you shitting me?

*sexymulletguy- Hell no man, this is gonna rock, I love Bloody Fetus!! mm/mm/

*69_in_my_trailer- Damn right this is gonna rock!


Notice how they wait for a summit of excitment to use the "rock sign"? You just don't around throwing it at everyone. You'll look stupid. Like, if you just met somebody and threw it out at them, you might get snickered at. One must use tact when dealing with the "rock sign"

So, all that aside, life has been crazy. Sadly, grandpa died the day after I visited him. I think I was the last person to visit him. I keep replaying over in my mind how when I was walking away, him struggling to open his eyes. I'll miss him, that's for sure. And I'm all out of grandparents so, it's kinda' extra sad.

The politics that go with the death of a family member, has already begun. I'll try to explain what's going on. See, my dad and his siblings are a little ticked off at my grandfather's son's (he's my pops step-dad) dealing with the funeral araingment. See, my grandfather did say he didn't want anything special at his funeral. Point taken. But this guy doesn't want it at a church. No flowers. And the wake is only 2 hours long. My family has just gone crazy over this. Mainly because we kind of think of grandpa as a member of our family as much, if not more then his son. mainly because his son lives in Ohio and hasn't had much contact with him over the years. I mean, they talked now and again. But every holiday, he was with us. So I'm sure my dad and siblings feel they have a given right to makes decisions regarding the funeral.

But that's only half of it. Here's the real story. My real grandfather, Jean-Marcel had a lot of money. Over a million we gather. When he died, it went to my grandmother, of coarse. When grandma died, all her money went to my step-grandfather. And nobody had a problem with that. We wanted to take care of him. About 6 months ago, my step-grandfather sold the house. Beautiful house that my dad, his two brothers and sister grew up in. They weren't thrilled with that. Especialy for what he sold it for. He almost gave it away. But again, we wanted him taken cared for. If that's what he thought he needed to do, so be it.

Now, here's the kicker. The word is MOST of the money will be going to his son. Remember, most of that money was my (real) grandfathers. Saved up to take care of HIS family. And plus, my dad's childhood home. We don't think he's entitled to it. But they'd be willing to spit it up five ways, evenly. But, why should he get MOST of it. It doesn't seem right.

But that's all bullshit. Bottom line is that my grandfather is gone, and I'm glad he's been well taken care of. I hope he's happy, wherever he is. And I hope this doesn't get as ugly as I think it will. I mean, money. What is it? You spend it, that's it. No one needs to get crazy over it. I mean I wouldn't anyways. I know I'm in the will. I don't care if I get a cent. I just want everything to go over without lawsuits and shit. But I think my side of the family is being more then fair. It's all up to this guy now.


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