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GJ's take on the news...

OK, so I'm gonna' begin a new feature here call "Genghis Jon's take on the news."

Brought to you by the man himself, Genghis Jon.

The source for news will be


Because more Americans turn to ABC News, then any other source. (Even though the head anchor is Canadian!)

OK, first thig we got is this hThe prince of Nepal wacks out his whole family, and himself over a broad... Can you believe that? A broad of all things!!! His mom didn't want him to marry this girl, so he gets a gun and shoots his mother, his father, his sister, his brother, his second cousin, the dog, the pet hampster, some random guy named Steve, and himself.

Now the Nepalese government is saying it was all "by accident."

Yeah, that's gonna be a hard sell, buddy...

And has anybody heard about the cars they're gonna make out of hemp?

Why the hell would anybody want to make a car aimed to market hippies? I mean, that's like making "Hippy Soap" no one's gonna buy it! You mean to tell me that if Sunshine McHippy happens to have $10,000 , he/she is gonna buy a car? No you silly bastard, Sunshine will by $9,950 worth of pot, and $50 worth of Mcfood. Trust me....

And if you can't trust Sony, I don't know who you can trust?

Any company that is in business making weapons of mass destruction AND videogames seems a little sketchy to me.

Have you heard about their latest antics?

It seems that they got caught inventing a movie critic by the name of "David Manning"

So when they advertised such horrible movies such as "The Animal" or "A Knight's Tale" they would have glowing blurb flash across the TV screen, or written underneath.

I've always wondered about that, haven't you? I mean, no matter how awful the movie is, they always quote some reviewer, saying the movie is "breathtaking" or "riviting. Occasionally you'll see "The family fun film of the year."

I've always wondered who the hell is getting paid-off to write such shit. But I guess I was wrong, no one's getting paid. They're just making the crap up. Go Sony!

In international news the Arabs and Jews are still killing each other, because God seems to want them to. You know, I don't know why nobody has called me to settle this. I can settle this in two seconds. This is how I'm gonna' bring peace to these two tribes. First, because Israel (and particualrly Jerusaelum) is so sacred, no one will be allowed to live there.

The holy land? Don't look so holy to me. I feel much safer in New York then I would the "holy land."

I say, make everybody get the fuck out of Israel. It should be a place to visit only. At least until people can behave themselves, which doesn't look like anytime soon. But until then, nobody get's into Israel without a ticket and the park closes at ten.

See, I settled the middle east crisis. I told you I'm smart.

So what's up with ol' GJ?

Well not much. Just verring up for the two Dead City Rocker show coming up.

On a side note, the girl (that ain't putting out for GJ) asked me Saturday if she can come up with us to Toronto.

I finally figured her out! She doesn't want me to get laid. It seems to be a mission by her. She's been around just enough to keep me interested. Interested enough to spend every waking hour chasing after her. keeping herself juuuuuuuuusssssssssssstt out of reach. And now that she hears that I'm going to Toronto, she knows that's an excellent chance of me getting laid. So she must be there to stop any chance of that.

Damn her.

I'll probably still bring her too.

Damn her.



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