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Enough is enough.

Listen, this is the last you're gonna hear about the whole political shit. It has to. Maybe, God-forbid I'm growing up. But this just isn't as fun as it use to be. I was hoping the enntry I did yesterday, people would find humerous and this would blow over. Sadly, even the sarcastic entry I did yesterday got a venom laced reply.

Therefore, to the two that won't let this end. I want to say that it's me that ending it. I know your responce will be along the lines of "chickenshit" or perhaps "you're afraid to debate." That's fine. I'm perpared for that, because that fact is, we're not debating issues. We're debating personal merrits, and I'm just not interested. This will not end until someone steps up an becomes the adult, and for the first time in my life, that's gonna' be me.

Chiv, you're a pretty bright guy. I would of loved to shoot the shit with you. Sadly, you began corrispondence with me with personal attacks, which, tells me, a mature debate was not in the cards. Too bad.

Pix, it's a shame that our friendship had to be at this expence of all this, but I'm not one to cry over spilt milk. I'm sorry I wasn't replying to the "fact" you were baiting me with in responce to my entries. But I hope you understand, the more eager, and fierce you became, the less interested I had in engaging you in debate. I'm sure you're going to write that down as a victory, and that's fine with me. I won't argue against that again.

I have this diary to make people laugh about my stupid life, I'm not here to hurt anybody. Even people that I have little respect for, that's not what this place is about.

Pix and Chiv, I hope you respect my wishes not to visit my site anymore. Anymore inappropriate/political g-book signings will be deleted.

In happier news, me and Ms M. have decided to get married.



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