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Last night

So I went out with some co-workers yesterday. These things are tricky, you just can't "go out' with people nowadays. You need the CIA to scope shit out. My Genghis-senses are never wrong.

It was a set up!

This girl that I went out with like twice, maybe two years ago was there. She's friends with a co-worker of mine who set this up. All I have to say to her is that payback's a bitch. Anyways, it was fucking awful. The seats when we got there were strategically placed so that I just would happen to be sitting next to her. The moment she say me walk in, she motioned to her friend that was in "my" seat to scram.


Anyways, I met her two summers ago. It was another outing with co-workers that she attended. I wasn't really turned on with her at first sight, but when I started talking to her, I realised how smart she was and that was turning me on!

Anyways, I went out with her like twice, and she sucked. She was whiney, and bitchy, and rude. I remember her telling me once in the car that "there's a difference between me and other people." She was talking about a recent trip she went through an inner city. Where she didn't understand how "those" people could live like that. I reminded her that I'm from the inner city. She said "oh, but now you're good." I tell ya. I wish I had her math smarts at the time, so I could figure out how hard of a left turn I'd have to make to have her fly out the window.

Anyways, when I dropped her off that night she said "you should call me sometime." Yeah right. I burned rubber out of her driveway.

She's one of those people that don't get a hint. I got a thousand calls from her, each saying ""you should call me sometime." Or I'd get emails reading "you should call me sometime." I'd look up in the sky and there'd be smoke signals reading "you should call me sometime."

Anyways she's all dressed up, and wearing 50 lbs of makeup, like girls do, thinking she's hot shit. She is not hot shit I'M hot shit.

I so did not want to be there. I sat there with a puss on my face, ignoring the terms of effection. The hand on the knee, the deep look in my eyes with a smile....

So after the required hour of being their, faces drop as I announce that I'm gonna' ramble. She says I'll walk you to the car.

" don't have"

So my bodyguard walks me to my car, before I get in she gestures like we're gonna' have the "talk."

I wish I had it on video, becaus this shit would be funny to watch.

Here's the transcript the best that I can do from memory.

Her- So, Jon I've been thinking about you.

Da Genghster- Oh.

Her- A lot actually.

Da Genghster- Huh.

Her- I think you're a really great guy.

Da Genghster- (picks nose)

Her- And, I just want to say that I should have never ended it with you.

Da Genghster- 'scuse me?


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