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Review of Fahrenheit 911

Last night I attended a midnight showing of Fahrenheit 911. Which makes me the only blogger on the net who can give you a review of the movie.

Sure, you read all these bloggers talking about the movie. Well talk is cheap! None of these cats have the flava’ like I do to go see the film.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself….

Wicked Sezzy is a great read, but what if you wanted her take on the hottest movie of the summer? Looks like you’re out of luck, cowboy. When Genghis Jon was taking in the movie so he can review it for you, Sezzy was snoring.

Or how about Uncle Bob? Thousands of people turn to him everyday to hear the score. Too bad our unk is scoreless when it comes to reviewing Fahrenheit 911. He ain’t seen it man.

I for one would think that ol’ TV Zero might have checked out the film, being the hipster guy that he is. Sadly the only thing he’s reviewing is his temp job.

Even that funny guy Opus can’t help you out. But even if he did see the movie, most alcoholics don’t really make good reviewers, so again, if you want a review, you need me. Say it, you need me damnit!

First thing I want to review is the crowd. If I made a movie and the theatre was filled with the audience I saw last night I’d hang myself.

They were the dumbest looking assholes you’d ever want to meet. All of them hippies, and college professors.

During the previews they showed a trailer for an upcoming Metallica documentary and the hippies booed. You’d think someone was forcing them in a bathtub.

The movie is just what you expect. If you hate Bush, you’ll love the movie. If you like Bush, you’ll think it’s all bullshit.

But if you’re open minded like me, you’ll enjoy it for it’s good/funny parts, and hate it for the exaggerations of truth, and straight out lies that Mr Moore is not above using to advance his cause.

The most powerful parts of the film are probably the Iraqi footage that he was able to capture by sending a film crew to Iraq, without anybody knowing the crew was working for Michael Moore.

You hear about all the dead innocent Iraqis, but it’s a whole different ballgame when you see a guy throw a dead baby in the back of a truck. It’s compelling because they hold the scene and it becomes real. You have to deal with the dead baby, and the look on the people’s faces for more than 1 second that you’d likely see on the evening news.

As far as the conservatives claim that the media is liberal, I think the opposite is true. The media has to be protecting the president. His speeches are so fumbled, and the guy is just such an embarrassing orator, that people have to be working overtime not to make him appear so.

Now every president has said something that made him look stupid at one time or another. But the stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth….there’s just no excuse for. It’s just fucking scary.

Michael Moore however just won’t let the truth get in the way of making a good documentary. Which is too bad because he doesn’t need to resort to these tactics to win his case. He’s right…..but is just as sleazy as the people he’s fighting against.

There’s one scene when Michael Moore is confronting congress members on the street asking them to sign up their kids for the military. One part he confronts Sen. Kennedy, a Republican who voted for the war. He stops the senator and asks him if he’d sign up his kids for the military, to which he is greeted with a strange look. Then he cuts the scene. What you didn’t see, and wouldn’t know about from Michael Moore is that the senator told Moore on camera that he had two nephews in the military, one in Afghanistan. He also went on to accept Michael Moore’s invitation to pass out military brochures to other senators in congress, especially those who voted for war.

Kind of puts a whole new spin on things from the dumbfounded politician who’s trapped like a dear on the headlights. Sen. Kennedy having family in the military goes against Moore’s theory that these guys are voting for war without having loved ones putting there lives on the line. Because the truth would hurt Moore, he edited out the parts that didn’t suit him. I actually felt sorry for the attendants of this movie who think this is the gospel truth.

There’s tons more that I could point out. I encourage you all to go to this site that Wicked Sezzy had linked, that does a fairly good job of separating fact from fiction regarding this film.

But don’t let the fact that this film is propaganda keep you from seeing it. It’s highly entertaining, and even past all the bullshit, there are some factual truths in the film that really are shocking.

Bullshit or not this film will help the Kerry cause which I’m happy about.


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