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Genghis Jon is a Homophobic Cocksucker

I love hate mail more than life itself.

From: "Joanna"

"You use fag in a demeaning way toward homosexual men; you don't tend to use it as a reference to a cigarette. You are just trying to cover your homophobic ass! Also, as for straights dissing each other? They don't look down on each other as a secondary citizen as straights tend to do towards gays. How dare you defend your homophobia, I think it's time you come out of the closet and be an open homophobe! Closet case!"

Joanna was once confined to a life of shame due to her genital herpes. Thanks to the help of Valtrex, Joanna isn't letting herpes slow her down in life from doing the things she does best. Like conduct witch hunts for homophobes. She knows that if she prods hard enough, we'll eventually admit to it.

You know, being politically correct isnt something that I care too much about. Obviously. But when it's at the point where people are using it as a weapon, then I got to step up and straighten some asses out.

Joanna, I'm not a homophobe. Homophobes love to talk about how much they hate gays. I love gays. I'm friends with gays. They love me. Where's the homophobia? Cause you don't like that I call people homos? My gay friends call me a homo. It's funny shit. Loosen up your panties a little. If I was a homophobe, you'd certainly know it. I have a big mouth and can't keep anything quiet. Take for instance, how I hate left-handed people. I talk about that all the time. Because I do, and so should you.

So if it makes you feel good to make me out to be a "closet homophobe", whatever the hell that is, than fine. I get called all sorts of wacky shit that amusses many people, so try to think of some other stuff to call me too with all the free time Valtrex affords you, kay?

Oh, I almost forgot....


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