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Letter to AOL


Steve Case, CEO

America Online

22000 AOL Way

Dulles, VA 20166-9323


Mikey Harty

Newington, CT 06111

RE: I'm a theif!!!!

Dear Mr. Case,


My name is Michael Harty and I just wanted to take a moment to write you folks at AOL and let you know what a great job you're doing.

I figure the time is appropriate to write a letter stating what a great service you provide.

With your new price increase that has gone into effect, I'm sure you have been having your share of letters from customers that have expressed their unhappiness with that decision.

I bet you're not ready for this.....but I'm HAPPY that you've increased your prices!

That wasn't a typo.

I'm VERY HAPPY that you've increased your prices!

You see, being a businessman myself (I own a company that puts those dividers between urinals) I know the amount of service I'm getting per dollar.

I also know that nobody gives me more than AOL does.

That's the reason why I'm happy that you jacked up the prices! Because I've felt so guilty taking your big, fat services and paying such a tiny fee.

I felt like I was ripping you off!

Not that the new price of $25 is fair, but it's a little better.

I personally think that your monthly fee should be about $80 or $90.00. Because I know money means nothing to you, I do worry that you're not making enough bread to cover your costs.

It would be awful if you went under.

I know of a website called Diaryland ( where the owner of the company was on the brink of going under.

He pleaded his case to his customers and they were only too happy to donate some money to him.

My question is, has AOL ever thought about maybe having a donation center? I think it would go over very well, not to mention add much needed capitol to your business.

Please let me know what you think!

I've called your customer service department a couple of times trying to make a donation with my credit card. The operator seemed confused and bitter. I was told that they have no system set up to accept donations.

I promptly called the operator a "web-monkey" and threatened to spank him.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I would appreciate a speedy reply.


Michael Harty


I'm an old man and AOL Instant Messenger gives me gas.

****Their reply*****

Dear Mr. Harty

Your letter to Mr. Case has been forwarded to me, for I could probably help you better...

Thank you for your kind words about AOL and it's services.

Although we understand that our small increase in price has been a burden to some, we believe it was necessity in order to upkeep our high quality of services.

We're glad that you understand our need to this in order to give the customer the best service we can, at the most cost effective price possible.

On your suggestion about having a donation center at AOL.

Your suggestion has been noted and will be reviewed thoroughly.

Thank you so much for your letter, please feel free to write us again with any more questions, concerns you may have.


Milo Ceccherini

Customer Relations



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