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Share an artistic moment, With Genghis Jon Esq.

I'd like to quote the funniest fucking thing I heard all day, compliments of Mr. Bill

"..if I were a Japanese pop singer my hit song would be 'Guess What? You Love Me!"

That was great, he makes me so proud sometimes.

And in case if you're wondering, if I were the said Japanese pop singer, Genghis Chong, my hit song would be "I'm a superstar (Baby, baby, baby)"


The server at work had the nerve to go down yesterday. Leaving me without any internet powers.

Luckily I found a paint program to help me through my withdrawals.

Behold the fruit of my labor...

- This first piece I like to call "My Posse Got Hemorrhoids"

-This next piece was inspired by the great American artist, Jackson Pollock. I call it "Getting a Blowjob by Two Girls at The Same Time."

-And my third, and final piece that I produced yesterday, was inspired by the strength of the human spirit. How everyday people, can do extraordinary things, when faced with impossible circumstances.

I call it "Mailing Anthrax to my Nuts"

Geesh, I'm one talented mofo.


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