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The Genghis Jon Awards 2002

I'd like to congratulate Eddie Vedder for winning the "Genghis Jon Biggest Dickwad of 2002" award. Mainly for showing up at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Awards, sporting a mohawk.

My first impression was that Ed didn't feel punk enough to be on stage with The Ramones, so he went for the mohawk route. What a fucking trainwreck this guy is. I bet he was one of those kids in school that caught on to fashion trends way later than everybody else. He was probably wearing parachute pants, and moonwalking in the early 90's. Thinking that people were gathered in attendance for his own honor, or at least gave a fuck about his stupid ass, he offered this insight on his new look "due to frustrations at world events, I took it out on my own hair." No doubt the "world events" he's speaking of is lack of Pearl Jam albums sold around the globe. Which also prevented him from parting with his bottle of wine for the inductment.

This guy had two successful albums ten years ago, and now he thinks he's John Lennon.

Quit with the ego Ed, that's my job.

Anyways, on to the first runner up to the "Genghis Jon Biggest Dickwad of 2002" award, who's honor goes to Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock.

I would have given her the award, but it looks like she already has got something.

Wow, Pam Lee got Hep. C. Who would of seen that coming? I don't know about you, but Tommy Lee seems like a fine fellow to share a tattoo needle with.

And of coarse, now, she's the unknowing victim of Tommy Lee's.....ughhh......Tommy Lee-ness.

The future Mrs. Rock claims that the former Montley Crue drummer gave her the disease when she shared a tattoo needle with him, and he failed to tell her that he had the disease.

Way to pick 'em, champ! At least she's grown up from her past obsession of dating irresponsible, dumb, rockstars. You go, girl!

The second runner up to the ""Genghis Jon Biggest Dickwad of 2002" award goes to all left handed people.

Here's my impression of a left-handed guy.

HEY! Look at me! I'm left handed! I'm gonna' catch that ball with my left hand! Aren't I cool? And I'm gonna' write my name with my left hand! Whoooaa, aren't I cool????

The third runner up to the ""Genghis Jon Biggest Dickwad of 2002" award goes to this jerk!

I found this guy by pulling a Google search for the work "jerk" and he came up in the image section. What a jerk!


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