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Let the Crap Fly!

Me and Wicked Sezzy are friends. No doubt.

As an independent myself, I encouraged her to express her views openly in this liberal stronghold called Diaryland. I bent over backwards trying to interpret her side of things to narrow-minded critics. I find her to be a very intelligent young woman, who's political passion is inspiring.

With that said I want to announce my newest campaign entitled "Genghis Jon's Great Big Fling Crap At Sezzy in New York".

Yes, it's true I think the world of Sez, and I do hold her in high regard. And my distaste for liberals can only be matched with my disgust of George W Bush. Therefore I call upon all my readers who live in New York to start spreading the news. Eat lots of chili. Drink lots of coffee. Find Sez. Fling some poo.

Here's an artist rendition of the target..

If you see her, splat a warm load on your hand and start firing.

As you know the Republican Convention is in New York next week, so if you see anybody that looks like this...

Let it fly. Throw some extra corn in for these two.

Remember, this is New York. Probably the most liberal place on Earth and the city welcomes the GOP with open arms.

It's more then a little brazen for them to have it here. All fucking year long you listen to numerous conservative critics complain about basically everything New York stands for. Whether it be choosing your religion, or lack thereof, degrading the underclass for being lazy whiners, or complete and total acceptance of any lifestyle one chooses. New York stands for everything NOT Republican. The fucking audacity of these people to come to this city is mindblowing.

Imagine for a second the Democrats were to have their convention in Crawford, Texas. It-would-not-happen. The state government would go ape. They'd call the national guard and everything. It'd be fucking crazy

Back to my point, I just want to ask you all to be nice to Sez when you're flinging crap on her. She's a real cool chick who just so happens to need some warm caca thrown her way. I wish I could think of a better way to let her know that her party's choice for a candidate is a poor one, but I know not of one. So say it with poo.

And I hope she and all the other Republicans enjoy the attempts by Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and other moderates who do not represent their party to try to trick America into thinking they're a much more tolerant party than they really are.

Hey guys? What happened to Trent Lott and John Ashcroft? Why the fuck aren't they speaking?

You're gonna' watch this show and wonder what happened to all that fire and brimstone rhetoric you're so use to with these guys.

Then you're gonna vote them in and get reminded of the difference between Bush and Guiliani.


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