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Responding To Why Joe's An Asshole

From The Critic

"Aww I'm not going to argue with you over the fact that I'm a shitty writer with about as much personality as a bag of potatoes, but it's rather unfair to say that the new beermates suck without even taking the time to read their diaries. Everyone has semi-boring entries now and again (even you, no offense) so to judge the whole from the part is just ridiculous. Plus it seems a little unfair to attack people like Biensoul and Stormyclaude, who have done nothing to offend you, just because you're in a stink about something Joey said. "

Well, I wasn't saying they were assholes. All I was saying is that they're average diaries. There's nothing wrong with that other than Joe making the claim that 12% Queer is made up of the best of the best. Something I've effectively pointed out as not even close. I see your point in me going after people who have never done anything to me personally, but they have to realise that once they are a Queermate, they're giving Joe permission to represent them. A guy I believe to be someone that gets his rocks off not letting people in his little club, despite the fact that his own lack of talent would prevent him from being a member of most writing clubs, except for the ones he presides over.

"Now if I remember correctly weren't you a proud member of diary quotes for a brief spell so if you "don't need to join any group to convince [yourself] what a hell of a guy [you are]" then what was that about? Just wonder."

Critic, if you think I joined Diary Quotes to convice myself how cool I was, you need to do more homework. I was a somebody before Diary Quotes, and am a somebody now. I liked some of the people there so I joined. But I'm glad you brought this up, because the main point is that I'm no longer a member of the club. And why is that? Because I didn't like the way they were representing me. I wasn't going to have anybody speak for me and that's what was happening. Diary Quotes did nothing for me. Ask around.


And from Cuppacrap himself, I got this....

From : Joey Cuppa

Subject : I'm an asshole, but you like it.

Hey spanky,

1) That was a truly funny entry.

2) That suck quote at the top?  I wrote that like, a year ago, didn't I? (Genghis Note: Try Nov 19th 2003)

I know I don't have to write you to say I'm not

offended, but I thought I would anyways. 

I admit that there's no rhyme or reason to who becomes a beermate, and the whole place is built on the power and glory of dead puppies and slutty gay rainbows, and it's really funny that people get upset if they aren't a BeerMate (I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about the inevitable posts in your comments and gb, and probably at 12%).

All my best,


Was I even talking about who he doesn't let in his club? Shit, i could care less. A member of his circle jerk, who I'm good friends with mind you, has on several times asked for me to be included.

The result was the same thing I got this time. An "Aw, schucks, I have no idea who gets to be a Beermate." Like everytime he picks a new member angels come down from heaven and instruct him who God wants as a fucking 12% Beer Guy.

I don't care. I never onced asked him that. He has given me that "Oh, we're too special to understand" answer about a zillion times, despite the fact that I never inquired.

Joe, godspeed to you man. I'm looking forward to the day you announce yourself as the messiah, and command your flock to have your image tatooed on their foreheads.

Until then, have another virtual beer with your virtual friends, in your virtual club. It's really entertaining.......virtually.


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