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Giving out da' props!

If you think this is my first entry today, you're wrong. You've missed my interview with the darling, Pischina. Get with the program, punk!


Ok, it's prop time on the Genghis Jon show. First, the incredible Jenn has been kind enough to share her muzak with us mortals, and honestly it's pretty damn good. You might want to read this entry to understand the story behind the website where her music is at. I'm not an easy guy to impress when it comes to music, but I honestly like her stuff. It really is good. As a matter of fact, you know what? It's probably too good for you. On second thought DO NOT click here. Seriously, if you're gonna' be a prick about it, then you don't deserve to listen to it. You don't deserve to listen to anything, you miserable bastard! Fuck you!


OK, prop numero dos goes to my Scottish dawgz Thomas and John. As I once noticed all the interview sites were totally shit, they did the same in regards to review-your-diary sites. You know, the places that spent time reviewing every damn thing except content? Like me, they chose not to stand by idly while complete nipples had the market cornered, and leaving the good people of Diaryland no alternative. So without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce Marked Accordingly. The first review site not run by squid brains. Not only will these guys give you an honest review, but if your diary sucks bad enough, they'll hunt you down and kick your ass! Hear me? I'm not kidding, they took out a neighbor of mine. I was awaken early one morning to the sound of a scuffle coming from next door. I heard two angry Scottish accents yelling at a guy who was pleading for his life. "Guys, please! Don't hurt me! I'm taking a class on creative writing, just gimme' another chance!" said the hapless victim. "Well ya' shuda' tolt' aboot' dat befur' shuldn't ya'?" replied the evil reviewer. I had no choice but to cover my ears and think of a happy place. But curiosity got the best of me. I peered out my window to witness two male silhouettes. Both wearing kilts, dragging the poor victim out of his own house. They threw him in the trunck of a plaid colored Honda Civic, with a license plate that read "MRKDACRDNLY". (God only knows what they did to the poor DMV guy to get a license plate with eleven letters.) It was fucking terrible. Yet, what are you gonna' do?


Oh, and I've come down with a case of Ebay fever once again, and bought myself this.

It's a little Vox practice amp. I haven't a clue on how good it is, but it sure looks cool. I pretty much bought it because Paul McCartney used to play one, (albeit much bigger) In which case I'm going to pretend I'm a very large Paul McCartney. Anyone know where I can get some small Yoko Ono action figures to stomp on during my roll playing?


That's all for now, kids. Be sure to stay tuned. Disco has asked to interview moi, and warned that he might be a little rough on me. Oooo baby. Should be interesting.


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