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Exhibit A on why I should not renew my drinking career.

I'm not suppose to update on weekends. It's against the law, but I do have to mention something I saw last night.

It was at a party. At around 2:00 when all three kegs ran dry, people got the hint and went home. Not this one dude, though. He was the bass player for some band that played there that night. He looks like the lead singer for Smashmouth. Anyways, this guy must of been a boyscout or some shit, because when the beer ran out, and most people headed out calling it a night, he simply found the biggest cup around, and went table to table putting the unfinished beer into his more-than-willing giant cup. When he came to my table, he made clear that what he was doing was perfectly normal by saying "Nobody ever got sick from beer, right?"

This great moment in American history has been brought to you by The Betty Ford Clinic,who reminds you.."When you start drinking other people's beer, you're pretty nasty. Come to the Betty Ford Clinic where we'll straighten your shit right out, bitch. Betty don't play that!"


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