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The Game

So the four lucky contestants for the game "Who Wants To Win Genghis Jon's Seven Canadian Dollars" that I've chosen are...

Kaffeine, Jonas Parker, Yamaa, and Jenistar.

I wanted to pick all Canadians, seeing that it is their currency and all, and is pretty much worthless to anyone else.

But only 2 Canadians requested to play.

And, I do owe it to Jenistar after putting boobs on her chin.

And Yamaa seems like she has evil intents, so I couldn't pass her by.

Here's how the game is played.

I want each contestant to write an entry on how much their lives would change after winning Genghis Jon's Seven Canadian Dollars. Write about the day when the Seven Canadian Dollars comes through the mail, sent by Genghis Jon himself.

The one that I judge the best will be getting and email requesting a mailing address for the prize to be sent.

Good luck to all!


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