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Genghis News with special guest, Eric Estrada

Hiya folks! How was your weekend? Who cares.....lemme' tell you about mine.

I usually don't write about my love life, but I'll relent this one time. I met a girl on Saturday and she seems pretty cool. I'm not sure if I'm gonna persue this as of yet, but we'll see. She's a pharmacist with crazy Janis Joplin-esque hair. I dig that crazy Janis Joplin-esque hair. But what I don't dig is pot. I have a rule about not dating any pot smokers. Not that I think marijuana is a huge deal by itself. It's a stupid little weed that people make WAY too big of a deal out of. The rule of thumb is that pot smokers in general are just difficult people. The moderate users are immature, the cronic users are depressed and trying to medicate themselves. Neither are attributes of a person I want to spend a hell of a lot of time with. I've been proven wrong before. Well, no I haven't- but I might some day.


Oh, I got reviewed at Marked According. I got a 93. Truely a testament to their superior reviewing, is that they were only 7 points off of what would of been (on their part)a perfect review. Nice job!


Everybody who paid money to see this movie is a moron. There's no talking your way out of it, it's certified.


I got a message from the creator of Diaryland Survivor. Seems they want me on the payroll to interview the losers when they get thrown out. What's interesting is that they rejected my application for the third series because they thought I was a homophobe. That's total bullshit. I'm not a homophobe. Now Eric Estrada is another story...

Oh, Eric! NO! Shit, don't say that.....


And they say cheaters never win. Well I say congrats to The other Jon for pulling a huge lead in the "Who's your favorite interview" poll I'm conducting. Something I'm thinking of changing the title to "Who's the biggest cheater that I've interviewed."

The other Jon is comanding a comfortable lead at 1007 at press time.


Wait! I'm getting another message from Eric Estrada! Let's see what he wants NOW....



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