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Funny, i use to play in a band called "Dead, Dead, Dead"

Nothing like finding the "We Hate Genghis Jon Club" when you, are in fact, Genghis Jon.

Man, am I that terrible?

My next interview is gonna' be with Disco The Kid. I was (and still am) really excited about interviewing him. I mean not only is he probably thee most talented writer in all of Diaryland, but I thought FINALLY I get to interview someone who understands me. Someone who knows that cynicism is an art form, and real humor knows no bounds. Disco is straight from the hip, hardcore. Filters nothing. Entertainment first, political correctness last. A man after my own heart to say the least. We start an email exchange, talking band stuff. We're both fans of a mutual Brooklyn local group called "Le Sans Coulette" Seems like we're best buds. Next thing I know, I check my stats, follow a link to the "We Hate Genghis Jon Club" where I see that my understanding of our new friendship might be a bit overblown on my part.

Luckily right after I read it, my long time pal Zero was on AIM. I ask him what he thought. I mean am I THAT bad? This guy wrote about his hatred for drunken Mexicans and all he gets in response is thumbs up. Jonny as usual had some wise words. "Jon, people WANT to hate you."

Hmm, interesting. fair enough, I guess. Now people hating me is nothing new. Most people who do are fucking nipples in their own right, but Disco? He's no nipple. He's like me. Funny. Unapologetic. If there's a difference between what he does, and what I do, I'd be interested in knowing it because I don't see it. The only thing I could think of is that he's funny ALL the time, and humor has a way of making things OK.

Loves me, or loves me not, I look forward to interviewing him which should be up soon so stay tuned.

I actually have real problems for once. Against my better judgement I'm gonna share something that I probably shouldn't.

I found a lump on my left testicle the other day. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, so, as you could imagine, I'll be having a great weekend. Who knows, it might not be anything. But definately something to ruin a weekend over. I'll keep you posted on my projected life span, and what the doctors have to say.

Well, no sense on leaving an entry on a downer. Why not go visit a reformed Genghis-hater who has since seen the light, and repented from his nippleth ways.


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