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Annnnnd while I'm waiting for Disco D. kid to send me his answers to the interview.......

Well I went to the doctor and he says I ain't got nut cancer. Matter of fact, he says I don't have anything. His actual words were "I don't know what it is, but I know it's nothing."

I confessed to him that on my last visit I found him kinda' attractive, and just wanted him to play with my nuts.

He gave me a nervous smile, but not the loud rawr of a laugh I needed to save the comment from making us uncomfortable. Which is was after that. Very, very much so. Hoh boy.

Oh, and his name was Dr. Rchichard as well. HAW! I got my nuts looked at by Dr DicK! How cool is that? Yeah, he didn't like that joke either. Fucking med students.....


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