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News Break

Part 2 of my Stripper Story will continue shortly. I must interupt this tale for these important announcements...


Good news on the war on terror!

It appears they arrested the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attack!!!

The world is shocked to discover that it's none other than porn star legend, Ron Jeremy.

The FBI are still trying to learn where he keeps his weapon of mass destruction.


You know what pisses me off? Golden showers.


Have you guys heard about Operation: Human Shield? Leave it to the hippies to add the comic relief to all this war nonsense.

I could just picture these morons taking a bus to Iraq, singing songs, smiling, playing acoustic guitars, putting friendship bracelets on each other.

Sounds like a bad episode of The Partridge Family.


That old whore Madonna is gonna' put down her vibrator and write chidren's stories.

I'd like to remind any parents out there that are considering getting these books for their children, that it will be penned by the same author who's last book was titled "Sex" and contained pictures of her doing it with a dog.


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