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The Entry That Cannot Be Titled

As my friend Fuzzy Grey mentioned, yesterday was not a good day to be named Jo(h)n.

Do you know how fucking annnoying it is to shop at Best Buy these days? Man, every fucking two minutes you got one of those mother fuckers in a blue shirt coming up to you asking if you want to join Net Flix.

No I don't want fucking Net Flix! I pimp out your mother for DVD's, you asshole!!

I was polite for the first fifty times, but after that I was on a rampage. Everytime one of the sales associates (emphasize on the ASS) was about to approach me, I'd beat them to the punch and say "Excuse me, have you heard about Net Flix?"

I do the same shit with street that what they're called nowadays? I don't wanna be politically incorrect or anything. Let me rephrase.

I do the same with unlabored capitalists. When I see one coming I say to them just before they get a chance to speak "excuse me, do you have a dollar I can barrow?"

Anyways, these Blue-shirted Best Buy Bastards were all over me. Me more than anyone else there probably because I spent most of the time looking for my friend. They must have seen how I was looking for something and just assumed it was a membership to an online DVD club.

Assholes. Anyways tonight I'm gonna go out with some friends to see a band. Haven't done that in awhile and wonder if i can even handle that in my old age. October 4th is gonna' be the big 3-0 for your Jonathan. I'm hoping this decade will bring a new appearance for me. Perferably one that looks older than a 19 year old. That'd be grand.

In other news, I bought the Sims and immediately grew bored with it when I learned that you can't have orgies with them. Who the fuck designed this?

Also, Monday I'm gonna go see the Psychedelic furs! Remember them?

"Blabity-blabity-blabity-blab...she wants to be one of the girls...." I hope there's no gang members at the show. I hear Psychedelic Furs shows are pretty dangerous. Like when "Love My Way" comes one, some of the crowd gets so amped up that they just start going up to random people and stab them. One friend of mine went to a Psychedelic Furs show and said that certain members of the audience, during the song "Heart Shaped Beat", grabbed some old lady that was walking down the street, decapitated her, and started tossing her bloody head around like a volley ball. And you thought Marilyn mason was bad. He's Teddy Ruxpin compares to the Psychedelic Furs. Just look at their picture!!! They're all like "Yeah, our crowd kills alot of innocent people, whatever. Kinda' boring, mate. We'd much rather see slow, torturous death. They do their work so quickly. Amatuers."

That's fucking gangsta right there, nigga!


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