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Genghis Jon to be visited by Polish Powered friend.

I wish I never taught my mom how to use the computer. I get shit like this everyday.


My friend Aska

(She's gonna' kill me for putting that picture up. WAIT I have a worse one!)called me last night. She lives in New York and said she was gonna' be in town. She wanted to know if I wanted to hang.

Sure! I asked her what she wanted to do.

(Thick Polish accent) "I want to play chess."

Chess? But.... it's a Friday night. You sure you wanna' play chess?"

"Yes, chess. I've never played before. I want to play chess."

I understand that she's not from this country, but sometimes she gives you the impression that scientists thawed her out a couple of years ago.

In regards to chess, I spent my whole childhood getting my ass kicked from my father and brother. My brother was some sort of prodigy at the damn game. I hated losing back then as much as I do now. I remember after one match calmly taking the chess board and tossing it in the fireplace. My father made that chessboard himself, so needless to say I didn't score too many points with him. Anyways, my fucking brother Jason won a chess championship in Hatrford when he was 10. He beat people 4 times his age. The only game I ever won in my whole life was from my Iggy Pop look-a-like friend named Dirty Dave.

I think he was on heroin at the time.


The debates are in full effect. I still need 2 more judges. Any suggestions will be greatly disregarded.

I mean appreciated.

Mucho thankos to Chubs for designing the new site that will be announced soon.


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