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I Got Screwed!

I got totally screwed at Swappingtons.

I traded 24 points for the Lord of the Rings DVD. It's been three weeks and still no DVD. MAybe she's just slow you say. Well it took her about three seconds to accept my bid, and collect my points, so she can't be that slow.

I sent her 2 "Yo, where's my shit?" emails that were promply ignored. Checking her profile today, I noticed that her email account has been changed to ""

Not a fantastic sign. I emailed Andrew at Swappingtons and am anxious to see what happens to my 24 points I'm out of.

This truly sucks. Swappingtons is such a cool service, if only people wouldn't be ass-monkeys, everything would be great.


Speaking of Swappingtons. Did you know that if you sign up for the service, and put 'genghisjon' as the person who referred you, your sex life will increase 79%?

That's what the latest study from a reputable university has concluded.

But you guys probably wouldn't want 79% more sex....would you?


I have too many friends that are hippies. Of course, you don't know that they're hippies until a little war get's considered.

Next thing you know, you get emails like this....

attached is a poignant picture courtesy of the bbc.

here's the caption:

South Pole, Antartica. We organized a rally here at the US Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole, Antarctica. We were only five rallying, probably the smallest protest in the world. Antarctica is the only continent where no wars ever happened and where all countries recognise that the only way to survive is collaboration." Paolo G. Calisse, Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole, Antarctica

That had to of been the gayest things I've ever read in my life. Can you imagine the gall of these granola brains trekking all the way to the South Pole just to prove to the world what idiots man can aspire to if put forth the effort?

And not to mention misleading! First, there's a thousand times more senceless violence going on in the South Pole then in any other part of the world.

What, with all the Killer Whales attacking innocent Sea Lions, and Polar Bears snuffing out hordes of peace-loving penguins at any given time. It's has to be Ground Zero for death and destruction!

What's with all this "Antarctica is the only continent where no wars ever happened, and where all countries recognise that the only way to survive is collaboration."

I'd like you to tell that to a momma penguin, who was forced to watch in horror as her entire family was tortured, and smashed to a bloody pulp by a pack of evil Polar Bears.

People need to think before they go marching off into Antarctica with a fucking peace sign. I hope those snowhippies get beaten up by a pack of penguins.


I was thinking the other day how much it must suck to be a woman. And before you call me sexist, hear me out. I was thinking how much it must suck to change your last name to your husband's once married.

Say for instance, you meet the guy of your dreams.

He's tall, handsome, good-natured, loves pets, treats you like gold, your mom thinks the world of him, he bangs you like he's in the Olympics....

Nothing would make you happier then spending the rest of your life with this fellow. Probalem is, his last name is Cockensmoke. For 25 years you were known to the world as Connie Taylor, and the price you must pay to be the wife to the man you love is to trade in your seemingly normal name into 'Connie Cockensmoke'.

Women, Genghis feels your pain.


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