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I Hate Spammers


We're a fun, funky band and we're trying to create a little word-of-mouth buzz. To that end, we've been hunting around looking for folks like you who like live music and who regularly go out to see bands. I hope you don't mind us sending you a friend request.

We play a variety of funk, disco and funked up classic and new rock that's been infused with modern sonic elements and executed with a level of vocal and musical excellence that's rare to find in many local bands. We're playing in your neighborhood soon and we hope you can come out and party with us!

We'll be at Rookies in Cromwell on Friday and at Central Cafe in Plainville on January 6th. Come party with us!



Hi Kimberly

Thanks for the spam. 

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to either of your upcoming gigs in Cromwell or Plainville.

I'm sure they'll both turn out to be historic events that will be noted in Rock History as the two moments that catapulted what will become the biggest band in the galaxy, if not, the PLANET!!!

Sadly I do not like shitty music fronted by middle-aged bar hags who's backed by a bunch of weird, balding, old dinosaurs whose only goal in life is to bang the lead singer.

Please note this is my problem, not yours. I've had an aversion to all things crappy ever since I was a boy. I can only speak for myself however; there are plenty of other people who enjoy your type of music (crap), especially in this state.

Anyways good luck with your email campaign to recruit new fans over to this strange new sound you guys have inovated that you call "Classic rock". Just be warned not to let too many people know about this music. I mean the last thing you'd want is 10 billion other bands playing the same type of music you're doing in every dive bar in the country. That would suck, oops too late!

Anyways, remember, people LOVE to be bothered on Myspace with unsolicited email.

Either way if the music business doesn’t work out you can always have a great future annoying the hell out of people via unwanted e-mail.

Viagra anyone? I'm betting half your band.

Your pal.


I'm willing to bet good money that you guys do a cover of "Mustang Sally" in your set list. Bullseye, right?


Why don't you block bands, then?  Let me's because you're a cock smoker with low self esteem who enjoys any opportunity to put someone down.  Bullseye, right?


Bullseye. It's not you, it's me. I think I said that already but whatever.

But to play along, yes, I didn't set my settings to "block bands".

I also don't have a sign requesting people not to take a crap on the hood of my car.

Is this the world you want our children growing up in Kimberly?

Your pal.


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